Plastic packaging is limited because of its pollut
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Plastic packaging has been criticized for its pollution and non degradability. However, because of its low cost and mature technology, it is widely used in life. In terms of environmental and social policies on plastic products, governments of various countries have also issued a series of policies on the pollution of plastic packaging. For example, plastic bag ban and plastic bottle bisphenol a ban. But foam tableware is an exception. Although China issued the ban many years ago, it suddenly decided to lift it in 2013, while other countries are expanding the scope of the ban at the same time. Let's talk about the restrictions of plastic packaging in various countries. Medical blister packaging
Plastic used to package food, usually as used in healthcare. It includes artificial organs in close contact with human tissues for a long time. Plastics are generally recommended by public organizations as the preferred material for such applications. At last, BPF pointed out that plastic packaging is not only safe but also has great contribution to public health. Plastic packaging medical blister box
Plastic for food packaging has a whole set of EU and national regulations, in fact. It includes EU regulations and very detailed REACH regulations that have strict requirements for plastic materials in contact with food. Moreover, the European food safety agency and the British Food Standards Agency will monitor this. Heat sealing machine
Plastic packaging and other forms of packaging technology development in the past 50 years. It has greatly promoted the great progress of food hygiene. In the past, corner shops had to drive away flies for exposed butter bags, which was quite far away. It's no surprise that perishable food causes a worrying case fatality rate due to improper packaging before durable and sealed packaging.
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